F5 Modulator

Rantec Power Systems Inc. is the only qualified OEM for the AN/APQ-159(V) modulator used on the F-5 E/F including the latest revision AN/APQ-159(V)-5. Rantec has been in continuous production of AN/APQ-159 modulators and parts since the late 1970’s. We supply new modulators and parts to all of the major F-5 users.

Don’t jeopardize your AN/APQ-159 user with non-qualified parts. Modulators and parts from any other source are either used, counterfeit or poor copies that cannot be depended on. We can supply you with repair parts or we can establish a refurbishment/upgrade program tailored to meet your needs. Contact Rantec Power Systems Inc. for your AN/APQ-159(V) modulator requirements.