Environmental Qualification Test Equipment


Rantec has the ability to perform vibration testing in-house, and does during design verification of our products. We also have a significant investment in thermal chambers that are used to produce a wide range of environmental conditions (temperature and altitude) at which we can evaluate product performance. Highlights include the ability to perform thermal shock testing by moving products via an elevator between two compartments of a dual chamber. Rantec utilizes this equipment in the design verification stage of development. We also subject every production unit to a burn-in cycle to screen for infant mortality.

Random and Sinusoidal 3-Axis Vibration Capability

  • 20 Hz to 2 kHz, peak/rms acceleration ratio 3:1
  • 10 Hz to 3 kHz, peak acceleration 700 m/sec2

Superposition Sine on Random Vibration Capability

Combined Temperature Altitude Testing

  • -65 to +125 C, up to 70K feet

Thermal Cycling Capability

  • -65 to +125 C

Thermal Shock Capability

  • Dual chamber with elevator table

Temperature and Humidity Chamber, Programmable